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Carol Mackenzie

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Carol Mackenzie is Vice President of Business Development for Consumer Goods Industry Solutions at SAP. In this role, she works with consumer products firms, partners, and industry thought leaders globally on driving innovation into their operations utilizing the SAP Consumer Products solution portfolio.

What Life Science Companies Can Learn From Consumer Products

31-Dec-2018 | Carol Mackenzie

It’s no secret that the life science and consumer products industries are blurring, as empowered patients are increasingly driving the bus when it comes to managing their health – in practice and

Marketing To An Audience Of One: Personalizing My Flavor Profile

19-Apr-2017 | Carol Mackenzie

It’s Sunday afternoon, my usual time for the weekly grocery shop. Yes, in person in an actual store. (I buy non-perishables online but still prefer choosing my own meat and fruit.) I have in hand co

Digital Success In The Consumer Products Industry – And Beyond

20-Jul-2016 | Carol Mackenzie

Technology is becoming more vital to your business every day, and the digital explosion is expected to continue in all sectors. By 2020, it’s predicted that there will be 6.1 billion smartphones in