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Carmen O'Shea is the Senior Vice President of HR Change & Engagement at SAP. She leads a global team supporting major transformation initiatives across the company, focused on change management, employee engagement, and creative marketing and interaction. You can follow Carmen on Twitter.

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Engagement: What Really Matters Most

20-Feb-2019 | Carmen O'Shea

There’s a lot of buzz lately around the concept of employee experience and treating employees as one would treat consumers. There are many aspects that comprise an employee’s overall experience, b

No Longer Soft Skills: Five Crucial Workplace Skills Everyone Should Learn

9-Nov-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

My child’s elementary school focuses on skills they believe support children in becoming changemakers. Through use of an integrated, project-based curriculum, they explicitly teach and assess “lea

What’s This “Integrity” Thing And Does It Really Matter?

2-Nov-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

I received the best kind of compliment the other day. The mom of one of my young son’s classmates told me that my son had acted as an upstander for her son when others were making fun of him. She to

Everything You Want To Know About Mentoring (Part 2)

19-Oct-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

In my last blog, I covered the how-when-where basics of mentorship. Here I’ll tackle some thornier questions about keeping up the mentoring partnership and about the mentor-sponsor link. And to wrap

Everything You Need To Know About Mentoring

12-Oct-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

Mentoring—both being mentored and mentoring others—has always been an important part of my professional life. Early in my career, I was encouraged to get a mentor. I took that advice—many times

Why I Mentor—And Why You Should, Too

4-Oct-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

I was inspired to write this blog by a mentee of mine, who told me, “It must be so tiring for you to have these intense mentoring discussions.” She couldn’t be more wrong. Mentoring energizes

Three New Employee Experience Requirements For The Digital Age

26-Sep-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

Digitization—all the technologies, processes, tools, and practices that allow a business to adapt its business model and provide a seamless user experience to customers—is the current business buz

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5 Ways To Be A Manager Everyone Wants To Work For

19-Sep-2017 | Carmen O'Shea

I have had the privilege of managing a number of different teams over the course of my career, and I can honestly say that managing people has been the most gratifying, challenging, and thought-provok