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Carl Snyder

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Carl Snyder is vice president of US banking solution management at SAP, you can connect with him on LinkedIn

To Boost Customer Loyalty, Prioritize Corporate-To-Bank Connectivity

16-May-2018 | Carl Snyder

Networked digital business systems are table stakes for financial institutions and their large corporate clients. These integrated, linked solutions offer benefits such as improved efficiency and visi

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Delivering A Better Client Experience: Next-Generation Corporate Banking 2.0

11-Apr-2018 | Carl Snyder

Retail banks first felt the heat from consumers demanding a better client experience. Accustomed to online shopping and mobile communications, people wanted their financial institutions to help them d

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Improving The Customer Experience: It’s Time To Look To Fintech

10-Jan-2017 | Carl Snyder

Banking executives around the world are wrestling with the impact of fintech on their businesses. While they understand that consumers want the same simplicity and ease of use in banking channels that