Carl Faulds

About Carl Faulds

Carl is a business recovery specialist. He started work in the Business Recovery profession in 1990 and has continued to pursue an ethos of working with distressed businesses to help them overcome their financial problems. As Managing Director of Cashsolv, he offers advice and support to overcome cash flow problems and identify possible underlying problems that can be addressed to ensure a positive future for your business. Carl was former president of the Insolvency Practitioners Association, and makes regular appearances on BBC documentaries related to business recovery. Follow him on Twitter @CashSolv_Carl and @Cashsolv.

How Invoice Finance Can Help Your Business

12-May-2017 | Carl Faulds

If you have a business enjoying steady but slow growth, you’ll probably think all your Christmases and birthdays have come at once when you win a huge new client whose orders could take you to the n

Choosing The Best Form Of Alternative Finance For Your Business Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]

6-Oct-2015 | Carl Faulds

In the current climate, getting a small business loan is not easy. As a result, Britain’s alternative finance market has grown from £267 million to £1.74 billion in just two years, and could reach