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Carl Dubler is a senior director of Product Marketing for SAP S/4HANA. With an IT career stretching back to the late 1980s, he has done nearly every role in the business. In his ten years at SAP, he also managed SAP’s first commercially available cloud product and first cloud product on SAP HANA.

How To Choose The Right ERP Deployment Destination

17-Sep-2018 | Carl Dubler

Part 1 in the “ERP Deployment Options” series Should you run your ERP system on-premise or in the cloud? Which approach is best for your business? If you’re tasked with formulating the IT str

Managing Change To Meet The Business Need For Speed

30-Apr-2018 | Carl Dubler

Part 5 in the “Journey to Intelligent ERP” series As I explored in my previous blog on custom code, standardized solutions are not a perfect fit for every organization. Sometimes making changes

Three Tips For Successful User Adoption Of Next-Generation ERP Software

9-Apr-2018 | Carl Dubler

Part 4 in the “Journey to Intelligent ERP” series As someone working in marketing the latest ERP technology, I’d like to say that every journey to next-generation ERP is an unqualified succes

Using The Cloud To Accelerate Your Intelligent ERP Journey

26-Mar-2018 | Carl Dubler

Part 3 in the “Journey to Intelligent ERP” series Ask any tech pundit, and you’ll doubtless hear without hesitation that the cloud should be your top IT priority. Wherever you may be with yo

Taking The Sting Out Of Dealing With Outdated Custom Code

12-Mar-2018 | Carl Dubler

Part 2 in the “Journey to Intelligent ERP” series It seems that many IT folks would rather have a tooth extracted than come to grips with their custom code. This is understandable since they

Is Legacy Code Stopping You From Modernizing?

26-Feb-2018 | Carl Dubler

Part 1 of the “Journey to Intelligent ERP” series One of the essential requirements for doing business in the digital age is flexibility. We’re constantly told how the ability to adapt quickl

Embedded Analytics For Real-Time Insight: Three Features To Look For

27-Nov-2017 | Carl Dubler

The traditional approach of using separate databases for transactions and analytics (OLTP vs. OLAP) has made it too complicated to embed real-time analytics functionality in ERP solutions. But the adv

10 Tips From Pioneers Of In-Memory ERP Solutions

31-Oct-2017 | Carl Dubler

There’s been a lot of noise about the benefits of next-generation ERP solutions that are based on in-memory computing technology – but mostly that’s come from the vendor perspective. Now, an IDC

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Consider Choice, Consistency For Your Cloud Strategy

4-Oct-2017 | Carl Dubler

Cloud applications have evolved beyond those narrowly focused on a specific line of business. You can now run enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that that support complex, end-to-end process

Simpler IT Begins With Hybrid Data Models

21-Aug-2017 | Carl Dubler

We hear a lot about simplicity in IT today. It’s a goal that is galvanizing every organization – large, small, commercial, and not-for-profit. Simpler data models, especially in core enterprise re