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Carina Legl

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Carina Legl is a solution manager at the Retail Industry Business Unit at SAP and a PhD research student at Edinburgh Napier University. Carina guides retail and fashion ecosystems in their shared mission for a sustainable, circular economy as she combines theoretical understanding with best practice to drive strategic customer relations and C-level engagement.

A Seductive Combination Of Diamonds And Sustainability

7-Jan-2020 | Carina Legl

... Because we are living in a material world. Am I a material girl when falling for a guy with a business mind, a social heart, and an ecological soul? Mr. Right has been turning my world upside down

Baby In Vogue: Sustainable Diapers

27-Nov-2019 | Carina Legl

As women increasingly choose to complete higher education and focus on their careers first, global fertility rates are dropping. While the global trend of women having fewer babies and later in life

She-conomy Drives Circular Economy

20-Aug-2019 | Carina Legl

Sure enough, summer vibes revive our spirits. And the lust for beauty. We women – finding ourselves in the same pattern. In a similar position this year to the one we had last year. And likely, to t

The Beauty Of Food – And Its Surprising Downside Of Being Gorgeous

30-Jul-2019 | Carina Legl

Matching color. Perfect shape. Right size. Fruits and vegetables failing to meet those attributes are doomed. Whether an importer, packer, grower, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, anyone who mark

The Power Of Sustainable Packaging

24-Jul-2019 | Carina Legl

The summer barbecue season is here. And while you may be stressed about finding the right meat to grill, making sure the fries are crisp and the salad is fresh, there's something else to be stressed a

How To Create Sustainable Fashion From Recycled Clothing

1-Jul-2019 | Carina Legl

Ripped and torn stockings. A stained blouse. A discolored dress. A lonely sock. The washed-out T-shirt. The worn-out jeans. The skirt that wasn’t your color. The ruined jacket. The old. The forgotte