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Caitlin Strickling

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Caitlin Strickling is an associate content marketing manager for the Enterprise Americas team at SAP Concur. Caitlin earned her degree in Communication from Santa Clara University and enjoys leveraging her experience in SMB, enterprise, and product marketing to create thought leadership content for organizations of all sizes. When she isn’t in the office, she’s out exploring Bay Area breweries or relaxing with a good book.

Is Disconnected Spend Data Costing You?

20-Dec-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

When it comes to automating the travel and spend management process, it’s likely your business has already stepped up to the digital plate. But automation alone doesn’t always translate into effec

How Fraudsters Find Weak Links in Employee Spend Areas

12-Nov-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

In part one of our four-part series, we discussed how changes in employee spending and a rise in regulations are costing organizations that have decided to “make do” when it comes to travel and s

Three Data-Driven Strategies For Better Fraud Detection

21-Sep-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

If your organization is like most, your employees are spending more money on more spend categories and using more payment methods than ever before. While this increase in employee flexibility is g

Two Business Trends Driving Change In Spend

14-Sep-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

By now, you’re­­ accustomed to an ever-increasing list of priorities and an ever-decreasing b­udget with which to get them done. In some areas, you may be able to get by, but in others, ­sticki

Five Easy Ways To Streamline Your Higher Ed Invoice Process

15-Mar-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

For decades, higher education institutions have been utilizing an “it’s good enough” operating model. But that model is no longer sustainable. Today’s educational institutions are experienc