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Bryan Lapidus is the director of the FP&A Practice at the Association for Financial Professionals. He has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate FP&A and treasury space at organizations like American Express, Fannie Mae, and private equity-owned companies. At AFP, he is the staff subject-matter expert on FP&A, which includes designing content to meet the needs of the profession and helping keep members current on developing topics. Bryan also manages the FP&A Advisory Council that acts as a voice to align AFP with the needs of the profession.

Business team workers in a conversation about updating the operating model with integrative intelligence

Your New Operating Model: Drivers And Trends Of Integrative Intelligence

24-Sep-2019 | Bryan Lapidus

Part 2 of the multi-part “Integrative Intelligence” series exploring the skills necessary for the new operating model of finance. In the first article of this series, we introduced the concept

Finance team reviews organization chart to assess performance needs

Your New Operating Model: Integrative Intelligence (Part 1)

5-Sep-2019 | Bryan Lapidus

Part 1 of the multi-part "Integrative Intelligence" series exploring the skills necessary for the new operating model of finance. We live in a world of knowledge and data, moving from place to place

Finance team discusses quote to cash process

Quote To Cash Is Better Than Cash Conversion. Here’s Why.

11-Jul-2019 | Bryan Lapidus

How long does it take to convert buying interest from a customer (measured when your company creates a price quote) into cash in the door? This question underlies the quote-to-cash (QTC) metric. It ca

For FP&A, There’s Risk, Then There’s Uncertainty

8-May-2019 | Bryan Lapidus

Do you know the difference between risk and uncertainty? An experiment by author Daniel Ellsberg on the popular podcast "The Hidden Brain" highlights the difference between the two. Imagine, Ellsbe

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Maine, Margarine, And Mozzarella: Correlation Is Not Causality

18-Mar-2019 | Bryan Lapidus

My daughter said something recently that was totally logical to her and unintentionally funny to me. We saw a former NBA basketball player earlier that day who stood about 7 feet, 6 inches tall, after

Informed Skeptic: How Finance Pros Can Be Good Data Consumers

28-Feb-2019 | Bryan Lapidus

All of us are producers and consumers of data. We ingest data, analyze and interpret it, apply our business savvy to make it more useful, and then deliver it to the next person. But are we doing th