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Brigg Patten writes in the business and tech spaces. He's a fan of podcasts, bokeh and smooth jazz. His time is mostly spent learning the piano and watching his Golden Retriever Julian chase a stick.

The Power Of Visuals In E-Learning

2-May-2017 | Brigg Patten

We live in an age of instant information. We no longer need to wait until prime time to watch our favorite TV shows; we can contact anyone from anywhere, buy anything with a click, and when we want

3 Ways To Ramp Up Your Sales Training

16-Mar-2017 | Brigg Patten

At many firms, sales is arguably the most critical team. Companies generate revenue thanks in large part to the sales team. Sales teams also manage clients and get a feel for the market. Despite

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Interactive Videos

7-Oct-2016 | Brigg Patten

Multimedia is more than just a buzzword. It enables us to take advantage of all of the various forms of content that we have available today to reach others more effectively. Not using all of the diff

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How To Use Instagram For Employee Training

9-Sep-2016 | Brigg Patten

Corporate training is something that should always be in flux. Because of the constantly changing nature of a workplace, it is a fact that any business that wants to keep up must also evolve and adapt

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Why E-learning And Gamification Are Better Together

10-Aug-2016 | Brigg Patten

If you're researching the best modern training methods, it's easy to get lost in a sea of buzzwords, most of which mean nothing at all. However, there are two concepts that, when done correctly, can

Training And Development: What’s Next?

20-Jul-2016 | Brigg Patten

Several centuries ago, training and development programs helped European and Japanese trading firms grow and prosper. Outside these companies, most training was done was through apprenticeships, a pra

How Learning Management Software Helps HR

8-Jun-2016 | Brigg Patten

It is the job of human resources (HR) to make sure that all workers hired are skilled in the relevant areas, and that they continue to grow and develop new skills that can take the company to new lev

How Blended Learning Can Help Train Your Employees

10-May-2016 | Brigg Patten

Blended learning is fast becoming a popular training approach for companies of all sizes. Not only is awareness and conversation around the concept increasing, but training hours being delivered by bl

Using Data To Improve Employee Training

7-Apr-2016 | Brigg Patten

Employee training has always been an immensely valuable part of the business process, and in today’s highly competitive global market it is more important than ever. Thanks to the recent introductio

How Neuroscience Should Influence Your Training Design

24-Mar-2016 | Brigg Patten

When it comes to the growth and development of your team, training is vital. Training programs help employees grow and improve; without them, your employees could be stuck on both personal and profess