Brigette McInnis-Day

Brigette McInnis-Day

About Brigette McInnis-Day

Brigette McInnis-Day is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SAP SuccessFactors, where she defines and implements the business strategies needed to achieve sustainable growth and ensure customer satisfaction across our largest cloud organization. Brigette is dedicated to establishing the right goals, culture, and vision and bringing them to life for the entire global organization, including our partners, so that we operate efficiently and effectively and help over 6,700 worldwide customers drive business results through HR digital transformation of their total workforce experience with SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Strategic HR Leadership Future-Proofs Sustainable Growth For Midsize Companies

15-Aug-2019 | Brigette McInnis-Day

Part 3 of the series “HR’s Transformational Role in Growing Businesses” It took the interview of a lifetime for me to realize the full strategic power of HR leaders in growing businesses. Mee

Why Authentic Female Leadership Matters To Your Workforce And Yourself

29-Jan-2019 | Brigette McInnis-Day

As a woman, mom, and executive, I am witnessing a massive cultural shift. It wasn’t that long ago that I was one of the few females in a room full of male employees. Today, I am pleased to say I wor

Does AI Have A Conscience?

13-Dec-2018 | Brigette McInnis-Day

Technology has created a data-driven world. And now, with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), not only can technology analyze data, it can interpret information to guide or make decisions in ma

Digital HR Moves Faster In Growth Markets

27-Mar-2018 | Brigette McInnis-Day

Small and midsize companies are on the brink of a massive change. As digitally enhanced business models, connected products, and automated processes become the norm, employees are demanding a shakeup