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Brian Roach

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Brian Roach leads the Regulated Industries practice in the United States for SAP, which encompasses federal, state, and local government, as well as the higher education, aerospace & defense, healthcare, and utilities industries. He is responsible for leading strategy, business operations, customer relationships, and overall customer satisfaction.

How Governments Unlock Innovation With Big Data

6-Mar-2018 | Brian Roach

You've likely read many stories about how Big Data is transforming business processes. Yet the value of data analysis extends far beyond the corporate office. Government agencies, the armed forces, h

Digital Tools Allow Public Sector To Use Data To Drive Decisions, Better Serve Public

6-Jun-2016 | Brian Roach

Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a vibrant city. There are 13 million residents and 2,000 square miles of infrastructure to keep secure. The city's Environment and Public Space Ministry manages maint

How Will The Changing Face Of Government Affect Your Daily Life?

3-May-2016 | Brian Roach

As digital transformation continues to connect our world, the face of government is also changing. Although government’s timeless mission is to provide services, protect society, and enable econom