Brett Addis

Brett Addis

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Brett Addis is the Global Vice President of HR Strategy and Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors. Brett’s global team proactively partners with our customers to deliver advisory and engagements to guide them through their transformation journey. During his 20+ year tenure, he worked across many of the HR disciplines as a practitioner and consultant. Before to joining SAP, Brett spent 12 years in management consultant and has held corporate executive positions of Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition at Washington Mutual Bank.

Managing Digital Disruption Requires The Right Strategy And Mindset

14-Nov-2017 | Brett Addis

The "digital" movement is causing major disruption across all industries and the workforce everywhere. What is digital disruption? According to the SAP Center for Digital Leadership, "Digital disrup

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“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”

10-Nov-2017 | Brett Addis

A friend of mine bought a brand new Ferrari; this car was a true sculpture. I remember looking at the car and being awed by its perfection. The exterior was designed to be aerodynamic and perfectly ba

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Six HR Principles When Transforming With The Cloud

9-Nov-2017 | Brett Addis

HR's move to a cloud ecosystem is no longer in question, rather it's an expectation driven by the workforce. The experience delivered by the commercial market has set a very high standard, and these e

Change Is Like A Roller Coaster

6-Nov-2017 | Brett Addis

After waiting in line for an hour, you finally take your seat. The overhead bar lowers and presses firmly against your chest as the safety announcement blares over the loudspeaker. Anticipation hits a