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Brent Potts is the senior director of Industry Marketing at SAP, responsible for the global marketing for the Oil & Gas industry. His specialties include product management, strategy, business development, and product marketing.

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IoT and Machine Learning Are “Refueling” The Oil And Gas Industry

15-May-2018 | Brent Potts

The oil and gas industry has been on a roller coaster ride over the last few years. Falling prices have squeezed cash flows and forced companies to reconsider their exploration and production strategy

Managing Upstream Challenges In The Digital Oil And Gas Revolution

4-Oct-2016 | Brent Potts

In a recent episode of Gamechangers, Bonnie explored upstream challenges in the oil and gas industry regarding digitization. Her guests were Valerie Jalufka from Accenture, Chris Niven at IDC, and

Does Your Oil And Gas Enterprise Need A Digital Core? Yes!

13-Jun-2016 | Brent Potts

The oil and gas industry is changing quickly, and it can be hard to keep up and stay in front of the changes. The Internet of Things is creating a digital transformation in our world. In this transfo

5 Characteristics Of The Digital Economy And What They Mean For Oil & Gas

7-Jun-2016 | Brent Potts

Think your company holds a unique, defensible position in the oil and gas industry? Maybe, maybe not. We are witnessing a radical transformation in global manufacturing unmatched by anything in the

Reimagine Your Oil And Gas Industry Business Model

6-Jun-2016 | Brent Potts

With the growth of market disruption and increased connectivity around the globe, there seems to be news every day of another business that is reimagining itself. But this transformation isn’t happe

Oil & Gas Industry: Time To Get Serious About Cybersecurity

25-May-2016 | Brent Potts

Cyberattacks currently cost businesses as much as $400 billion a year globally, and experts predict the costs could reach $90 trillion by 2030 (Cybersecurity Market Report, 2015). Malicious cyberatta