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Brenda Boudreaux

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Brenda Boudreaux is the Industry Executive Advisor for Experience Management Engineering of Sports and Entertainment Industries at SAP America. Her primary focus is in Entertainment, leading the development of the segment and providing strategic direction as well as evolving and driving the global digital transformation for the SAP solution portfolio for gaming and all entertainment sub-industries. Brenda has an extensive and diverse background in the gaming industry having held roles in sales and business development, product management, casino operations, regulatory, and finance. During her long career she’s worked for companies such as International Game Technology (IGT), Caesars Entertainment, Stations Casinos, and the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

It’s All In The Details: Some Thoughts For Executives In The Entertainment Industry

17-Jul-2019 | Brenda Boudreaux

In the first blog of this series, I discussed the entertainment industry’s mandate to hold their customers' attention. In my second blog, I talked about the importance of creating experiences that e

The Experience Business: Some Thoughts For Executives In The Entertainment Industry

10-Jul-2019 | Brenda Boudreaux

In my last blog, I mentioned that the essence of entertainment is the ability to hold someone’s attention. I also discussed how the flickering light of the cinema is like a primitive campfire – a

Gather By The Flickering Light: Some Thoughts For Executives In The Entertainment Industry

3-Jul-2019 | Brenda Boudreaux

From the earliest days of human existence, people have gathered in front of a flickering light to share stories. This is an essential part of what it means to be human. It’s a matter of survival. In