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Braden Kelley is a popular innovation and digital transformation keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. He is the author of two books (so far) - 'Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire' from John Wiley & Sons and 'Charting Change' from Palgrave Macmillan. He is also the creator of the highly visual and collaborative Change Planning Toolkit™ and tweets from @innovate.

Digital Strategy Or Digital Transformation: What’s The Difference?

3-May-2017 | Braden Kelley

In my last article, "Time for Digital Transformation Is Now," we looked at the accelerating pace of change, the case for digital transformation, and our evolving interactions with technology. We also

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Now Is The Time For Digital Transformation

26-Apr-2017 | Braden Kelley

The pace of change is accelerating. Much has changed since we all started to dial in with our modems and connect to online services like America Online or Compuserve and then directly to the Intern

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Confessions Of A Business Artist

19-Sep-2016 | Braden Kelley

I am an artist. There, I’ve said it. This statement may confuse some people who know me and may come as a shock to others. Braden, what do you mean you’re an artist? You’ve got an MBA from

Get More Done

12-Sep-2016 | Braden Kelley

Most times you’ll see “What matters most?” posed as a question, as people grapple with finding the meaning of life. That is not the case here… Instead I would like to share with you my simp

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Time To Replace Your Chief Innovation Officer

7-Sep-2016 | Braden Kelley

My innovation peers and I have talked about how crucial executive commitment is, and some organizations have responded by hiring innovation managers, innovation directors, VPs of innovation, and chi

Change The World: Step Two

23-Nov-2015 | Braden Kelley

Are you and your organization ready for change? Too often organizations define the change effort they want to pursue without first identifying whether there are people, resources, legislation, etc.

The Five Keys To Successful Change

18-Nov-2015 | Braden Kelley

When it comes to organizational change, most people focus on change management, and there are even a couple of professional associations organized around the practice of change management, including