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Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is a professional writer, author, and marketing influencer. He is the co-founder of, a company providing digital marketing services since 2014. He has more than 10 years of work experience in digital marketing and helping small business, and is an active contributor on Semrush, Search Engine People, and more.

How Big Data Helps Avoid Cybersecurity Threats

27-Aug-2018 | Birbahadur Singh Kathayat

Cybercrime instances seem to be breeding like rabbits. According to security software maker Malwarebytes, its users reported 1 billion malware-based incidents from June to November 2016. That was

How Is The IT Skill Gap Worsening Cybersecurity Risks?

9-Apr-2018 | Birbahadur Singh Kathayat

The way information technology is breaking barriers and ushering the world into an advanced era is simply unprecedented. We are in an Internet revolution that is paving the way for today’s IT giants