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Bhomik Pande

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Bhomik Pande is Senior Operations & Strategy at SAP. He wears multiple hats within SAP Digital Interconnect business unit & drives innovation related topics as part of Products & GTM team. He has numerous years of experience working with SAP across different line of business and has been a CRM Consultant in his previous role. You may follow him on Twitter at @bhomikpande

The Dynamics Of SaaS Pricing

15-Oct-2019 | Bhomik Pande

Imagine your team is launching a new product; you have figured out the minimum feature set and are working with the following teams to validate the minimum viable product (MVP) in the market. Devel

Microservices And The Circular Economy

28-Feb-2019 | Bhomik Pande

The art of complex problem-solving lies fundamentally in dividing the big problem into subproblems. Solutions to these subproblems become the building blocks for other solutions. This modular approach

Role Of Messaging In A World Economy

17-Jul-2018 | Bhomik Pande

Central banks across the globe have two main levers as part of their monetary policy – tinkering with interest rates and printing money. Interest rates and their impact on the economy are closely w

The Science And Art Of Forecasting: The Curiosity To Know The Unknown

3-May-2018 | Bhomik Pande

People have always been interested in knowing the future. Astrologists, soothsayers, and palm readers exist primarily because of our desire to know the unknown, in part because we believe it can help