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Bharti Maan

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Bharti is the director of Innovation and Digital Transformation Advisory at SAP, architecting and mentoring digital transformation projects for key and strategic accounts of SAP. She is a thought leader and technology champion for disruptive technologies of cloud, data analytics, digital twins, AI, IoT, cognitive intelligence, and RPA. Her team ensures alignment to business goals by defining appropriate strategies and ensuring that “the rubber meets the road.”

Skier skiing on snowy slope

2020 Data Trends: Data Becomes The New Language For Innovation

30-Jan-2020 | Bharti Maan

Have you heard about the Riddell Speedflex Precision Diamond Helmets that feature a 3D-printed liner customized for each athlete? This innovative production approach is aimed at making football safer

Plant engineer climbs an oil storage tank

How To Approach A Cognitive AI Project For Unstructured Data Processing

13-Jan-2020 | Bharti Maan

Businesses have entered an era ruled by data. Business teams need the right tools and insights to handle intricate and multidimensional decision-making. CIOs work behind the curtains orchestrating

Machinist working on drill press in metal processing factory

Spares Pooling: Machine Learning To The Rescue

26-Dec-2019 | Bharti Maan

Spare parts. Every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has to maintain an inventory of them. Machines break, pieces of equipment fail, and customers need spares to make repairs without delay. In

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Satellite Imagery And ML For Vegetation Management For Utilities

19-Dec-2019 | Bharti Maan

After remaining relatively unchanged for almost a century, utilities are adopting distributed automation as an answer to the economic challenges and significant quantitative and qualitative benefits i

Workers walking below tanks at gas plant

Application Proliferation: Imperatives For The CIO

27-Nov-2019 | Bharti Maan

Enterprise applications are integral to running any business. Applications are among the most effective tools of any business and speed up and simplify nearly any task or process. Applications enable

Robotics and Data

Intelligent Process Automation For The Intelligent Enterprise

29-Jul-2019 | Bharti Maan

Part 6 of the “Intelligent RPA” series about the evolution of robotic process automation and its potential impact on digital transformation Intelligent process automation (IPA) holds great pro

airline ground employee direct a plane into a gate

Accelerating Business Outcomes In The Experience Economy

18-Jul-2019 | Bharti Maan

The aviation industry's refueling statistics are startling. To help the world fly smoothly, the large aviation fuel providers: Serve 1,000 airport locations operating globally Refuel an ai