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Betsy Atkins

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Betsy Atkins is a three-time CEO, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Baja Corporation. She has co-founded enterprise software companies in multiple industries including energy, healthcare, and networking. She is an expert at scaling companies through hypergrowth and leading them to successful IPO and acquisitions. Betsy is a corporate governance expert with an eye for making boards a competitive asset. Her corporate board experience is vast and covers many industries, including technology, financial services, healthcare, retail, automotive, manufacturing, and logistics. As a corporate director, she brings an operational perspective that focuses on taking friction out of the consumer experience.

How Do You Make Digital Oversight Work In The Boardroom?

28-Nov-2018 | Betsy Atkins

If there’s one thing corporate boards have heard a lot about over the last few years, it’s cybersecurity. In my engagements as a director and my work on governance issues, a day doesn’t go by w

Retailers: Is Your Board Digitally Savvy?

12-Feb-2018 | Betsy Atkins

Digital technology can offer rich rewards for your board. Artificial intelligence, Big Data, virtual reality, cybersecurity, drone delivery, marketing automation, the Internet of Things… all of thes

10 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Firm’s Corporate Governance

11-Jan-2018 | Betsy Atkins

What should your board of directors do to kick off the New Year? Start by asking yourself a few tough questions (before your investors do) and take a close look at what your board diversity and nex

Overcoming Digital Disruption In The Retail Industry

8-Jan-2018 | Betsy Atkins

Pop-up stores, with their temporary, mobile, high-traffic approach, let both mainline and new retailers test products, messages, and locations with low cost and high sales per square foot potential. T