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Bert Schulze is VP Product Management & Co-Innovation SAP S/4HANA at SAP

Executive reviews data from a report pulled from intelligent cloud ERP application

Votes Are In: Interim Survey Results On Intelligent ERP In The Cloud

3-Jul-2019 | Bert Schulze

In my previous blog, I invited you to share your priorities and point of view on intelligent ERP in the cloud. We touched on the evolution of ERP from past to present and how it is transforming into a

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Your Voice Matters: Survey On Cloud ERP

23-Apr-2019 | Bert Schulze

This article explores the evolution of ERP toward the cloud – now serving the needs of the digital economy and supporting the end-to-end customer experience. We are interested in your perspective. P

The Cross-Generational Workplace: Connected Or Entangled?

23-Jan-2018 | Bert Schulze

Have you ever heard the saying, “two sides of the same coin,” indicating there are two ways of looking at—and perhaps two different interpretations of—the same thing? The Millennial Generatio

Build Your Business Model For The Digital Era

12-Jul-2016 | Bert Schulze

Digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and digitization are the harbingers of technology-induced change that enterprises/companies are increasingly leveraging to improve their profit levels,

The Digital Force Awakens (Part 4) – Disrupt The Enterprise To Unburden Your Employees And Processes

15-Mar-2016 | Bert Schulze

Welcome to Part 4 of our series on the transformation toward a digital core. Last time, we looked at the six value levers for the efficiency and effectiveness dimension and discussed how much of th

The Digital Force Awakens (Part 3) – It Is Served: Digest Your Digital Dinner

2-Mar-2016 | Bert Schulze

Lately we discussed how the digital force awakened (Part 1) and briefly looked at the business fundamentals for a transformation of the digital core. Then we looked under the carpet of the business fu

The Digital Force Awakens (Part 2) – The Optimization Lever Strikes Back

16-Feb-2016 | Bert Schulze

Recently we discussed how the Digital Force Awakened (Part 1) and briefly had a look at the business fundamentals for a transformation of the digital core. Today we will look under the carpet of thos

The Digital Force Awakens (Part 1)

4-Feb-2016 | Bert Schulze

Business fundamentals for a transformation of the digital core In many publications the digital transformation, IoT, and digitization is described as a technology-induced driver for change. Having wo