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Bernd Welz

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Bernd Welz is executive vice president and Chief Knowledge Officer of Products & Innovation at SAP SE. In his role, he is responsible for user assistance content and services in the SAP products, and product learning offerings, as well as the leading cloud learning services openSAP and SAP Learning Hub for SAP professionals, end-users, and other external communities.

Build A Skill Development Road Map For Digital Transformation

26-Sep-2017 | Bernd Welz

Do the people in your organization have the necessary digital skills for the future? If you’re not sure that your employees are ready to contribute strategically on emerging technologies like machin

Study Finds Little Progress On Digital Skills Gap Despite Growing Awareness

20-Jul-2017 | Bernd Welz

Digital transformation may be a hot topic for strategy discussions in the boardroom, but not enough is being done in the classroom to acquire the necessary skills to make digital strategy into reality

Digital Transformation: An Ambidextrous Approach

30-Jan-2017 | Bernd Welz

We’ve all seen cases in which an agile organization with a new product or service and business model disrupts competitors that chose to stay on a path of continuous improvement. And it seems t

Skills For Digital Transformation: Start Your Learning Journey Now

16-May-2016 | Bernd Welz

Digital transformation opens the door to a new world of opportunities and challenges. Technological developments – such as Big Data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and social and business netw