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Ben Price

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Ben Price is Chief Customer Officer for SAP Asia Pacific Japan. Ben is responsible for the charter of ‘Customer’ where he leads in the areas of customer engagement, solution adoption and solution outcomes across the region. Prior to current role, Ben was Vice President, SAP APJ Adoption and Renewals where he focused on customer adoption and renewals in both the private and public cloud areas across SAP’s 25 industries and 12 Lines-of-Business. During that time, Ben has been involved with various SAP Cloud and on premise teams to drive customer success in terms of onboarding, value realization, community development and strategy management.

Anatomy Of An Elite Customer Success Engineer

29-Apr-2019 | Ben Price

What makes a good customer success engineer? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself again and again lately. We’ve seen the demand for talented individuals to fill the role of a customer succ

Customer Success Stories: What They’re All About

22-Apr-2019 | Ben Price

In my day job, I get to hear a lot of stories – good stories, bad stories, boring stories, and stories of innovation. Over the years, I’ve observed a few common factors in all the stories I’ve c