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Benjamin Herrmann

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As head of digital commerce for SAP, Benjamin Herrmann is responsible for developing the digital direct sales channel at SAP across products, professional services, and education. Dedicated to helping customers become best-run businesses, Herrmann has established himself as a leader in B2B digital business models. Prior to his current role, Herrmann was senior director of strategy for SAP Portfolio & Pricing, where he ran board-level change programs. He also worked as an enterprise business architect and lead business architect in the Business Transformation Office for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and served as a lecturer on Information Systems at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Building And Maintaining Digital Trust And Brand Loyalty: A Three-Step Process

16-Sep-2019 | Benjamin Herrmann

Businesses that successfully achieve digital transformation don’t just complete it overnight. Transformation has many key components and best practices, and it’s a continuous process. When it is a

Marketers Must Reshape How They Build Trust And Loyalty For Their Brands

16-Jul-2019 | Benjamin Herrmann

Customer trust and brand loyalty are inextricably linked, essential to long-term business success, and tougher than ever to gain and retain. With all the breaches, hacks, and misuses of customer data