Barbara Flügge

Barbara Flügge

About Barbara Flügge

Barbara Flügge leads smart cities and regions efforts at SAP. As a thought leader, she advises executives, forward thinkers, and innovation leaders in this area. She dedicates her activities to entire ecosystems beocming cities, ports, and mega events in digital and sustainable transformation. Barbara is a strong believer of innovation and digitization as a public good for everyone. She works on global scale and has in depth knowledge in public sector, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many other industries. Barbara is a recognized speaker, editor,and author.

smart city, urbanization, digital transformation

How Cities Become What We Want Them To Be

12-Dec-2017 | Barbara Flügge

Around the world, digitalization is transforming how we live. While mega cities are at the forefront of digital transformation, even small and midsize cities and tiny villages are looking for ways to

Connected Fleets Save Money

11-Dec-2017 | Barbara Flügge

Something unexpected began happening in journalist Mike Esposito’s inbox. Extra emails were demanding his attention, but they weren’t written by people.  His newly leased car was reminding him ab

How Connectivity Can Ease Parking Pain

28-Jun-2017 | Barbara Flügge

As the world’s urban population grows, innovative cities are taking steps to ensure they can deploy ecologically and economically healthy, citizen-centric services and attract new investment, busine