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Aswin Mannepalli

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Aswin Mannepalli leads global industry marketing efforts at SAP with an emphasis on the automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and lectures at the Wharton School. In his spare time, he enjoys learning Mandarin Chinese and swimming.

Car salesman sitting at desk, using telephone while making calculation

Thinking Differently: Redefining The Automotive Dealership Experience In A Time Of Crisis

30-Apr-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli

Nearly every driver can tell you about the time they went to a car dealership and picked out their first vehicle. It is an extremely personal experience, and dealerships have a special, customer-facin

Lab technician wears personal protective equipment manufactured by automakers

How Automakers Are Saving Lives With Smart Partnerships

21-Apr-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli

In previous blogs, we talked about how automakers can protect their employees and financially guard their companies. Today, we talk about how they can go on to contribute to the fight. How can automak

couple peering into a car at a dealer while deciding whether to buy

The Business Of Survival For Automotive Companies

14-Apr-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli

The global automotive industry has been particularly impacted by the fallout of today's pandemic. Idle assembly lines, strained supply chains, and uncertain demand are a few of the concerns that autom

Worker inspecting car body in car factory

Protecting What Matters: Caring For Our Automotive Workers

13-Apr-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli

As the world grapples with the spread of COVID-19, old certainties are being replaced with new concerns. Leaders of automotive companies around the world are in especially stressful positions. Facing

Man sits in the backseat of a car from a ride hailing service

The End Of The Beginning For Ride Hailing

15-Jan-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli

The 2010s were the decade when mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) went from a new idea to a big business. The Lyft and Uber IPOs in 2019 were fitting capstones to years marked by rapid innovation (and many