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Ashley Ford

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Ashley Ford is a digital marketer at SAP. She creates content relevant to small and midsize enterprises, and manages social media accounts and SME campaigns. Ashley recently graduated from the University of Washington where she studied Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Top 4 Reasons Small Businesses Avoid Investing In Technology

25-Oct-2017 | Ashley Ford

There's an old adage: “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” For today's small business owner, overhauling an existing technology solution can seem unnecessary and burdensome, even counterproductive.

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Confessions Of A Millennial Employee: 8 Things No One Tells You About The Working World

24-Oct-2017 | Ashley Ford

Hello, I’m here to represent the millennials – maybe you’ve seen our Snapchats? Whether you’re a millennial who’s just about to graduate college, or you’re a seasoned manager with young em

Social Media For Small Business: 6 Tips

3-Aug-2017 | Ashley Ford

For many small businesses, the ability to be nimble and innovative can be as much of a burden as an opportunity. Uncertainty about where to begin with any new task can be strong. And when it comes to

From Online Retail Startup To Global E-Commerce

1-Aug-2017 | Ashley Ford

A super-soft yet elegant full-length dress for $29.99. A top-of-the-line juicer for $12.99. A universal car mount for your cell phone for $4.99. These are just a few of the deals you can find from Ste

3 Skills Millennials Lack – And Why That Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

24-Aug-2015 | Ashley Ford

We Millennials value selfies over family photos, can’t leave the house without our phones, and constantly feel the need to share everything. We are multitaskers, optimists, and entrepreneurs. And w