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Arlen Shenkman

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Arlen Shenkman is the CFO for SAP North America, overseeing the financial activities of Canada and the United States, including forecasting and planning, driving efficiencies, and ensuring the overall financial health of the region.

Global Expansion Essentials: Survival Skills Every CFO Should Know

29-Jun-2016 | Arlen Shenkman

Every business wants to grow revenue. And the next logical step when you’ve conquered local markets is to consider global expansion. Right? Maybe not. Not every business has the wherewithal to succe

Partnerships As A Tool For Growth: How CFOs Can Sharpen The Decision Process

29-Mar-2016 | Arlen Shenkman

Build, buy, or partner—what’s the best strategy for profitable growth?  Third in a series, this blog post will address partnerships. Many companies view partnerships simply as a marketing or p

If You Build It, Will They Come? Three Pointers For An Organic Growth Strategy

29-Feb-2016 | Arlen Shenkman

Among the many responsibilities entrusted to a CFO, perhaps the most critical is making decisions for deploying the company’s capital. To support profitable growth, CFOs have many options: they can

Build, Buy, Or Partner? A CFO Shares Tips On The Decision Process

19-Jan-2016 | Arlen Shenkman

Maintaining profitable growth is one the top priorities for CFOs. As I explored in my last blog, there are many tools CFOs can employ to effectively support corporate objectives. Your thought process

What Does Blockchain Mean To The CFO?

The CFO’s Toolkit: Choosing The Right Tools To Support Growth

16-Dec-2015 | Arlen Shenkman

If the only healthy business is a growing business, then to be a successful CFO, your agenda needs to be tied to enabling and accelerating that growth. The role of the finance executive has inargua