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Arif Johari

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He is a Communications lead, Digital Marketing generalist, and Digital Selling (Social Selling) advocate. He enables marketing and sales employees in Digital Selling so that they’d leverage social media as a leads-generation tool. He is responsible for executing innovative marketing strategies to increase engagement in social media, customer community, and landing pages through content, events, and multivariate testing. He is passionate in making the work processes of the marketing and sales team more efficient, so that they can generate more revenue in a shorter time.

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Elevating The Elevator Pitch With Video

3-Jan-2019 | Arif Johari

At the heart of the digital transformation is the blurring of the lines between sales, marketing, and customer service and the ultimate merging of these roles into one revenue-generating business uni

digital selling, social selling, digital transformation, sales metrics

Goal!!! Keeping Score With Digital Selling Metrics

7-Dec-2018 | Arif Johari

At the heart of digital transformation is the blurring of the lines between sales, marketing, and customer service and the ultimate merging of these roles into one revenue-generating business unit

Insider Secrets: Using Twitter For Social Selling

1-Nov-2018 | Arif Johari

“The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful” - Jonathan Zittrain Thoughts? According to the American Press Institute, 79% of Twitter users use it

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The Case For LinkedIn And Warm Introductions

23-Oct-2018 | Arif Johari

LinkedIn is today’s primary B2B targeted relationship-building selling tool. Where else can you find your customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, competitors, and thought-leaders talking about ke

Social Selling Post-Training Momentum Strategies

7-Feb-2018 | Arif Johari

Your employees are probably excited to participate in a social selling training and enablement program. But what happens when the classes are over and they return to their day-to-day job roles? The

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Modern Competitive Analysis: Try Social Media

18-Jan-2018 | Arif Johari

“The importance of understanding the impact of competitors’ social footprints compared to your own can’t be overstated… You’ll be in trouble quickly if you assume your only – or biggest

Adapting To The Digital Sales Revolution

9-Nov-2017 | Arif Johari

Is social selling at a tipping point? “That magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, spreads like wildfire.” - Malcolm Gladwell Social selling is impacting

Social Selling Manners And Etiquette

10-Oct-2017 | Arif Johari

There’s an old adage: Treat others as you want to be treated. This still applies in the digital world we find ourselves in today. Are you aggressively pursuing customers and trying to get in their n

Why Executives Should Follow Kylie Jenner

14-Sep-2017 | Arif Johari

How do we convince executives to invest in social selling? Start by telling your CEO, CIO, CTO, and CMO: “Well, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates, are all socia

Selling To Goldfish: Responding To Decreasing Attention Spans Of Customers

27-Jul-2017 | Arif Johari

The average human's attention span is down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds today. That is less than the nine-second attention span of your average goldfish! Another study states that