April Tomlin

April Tomlin

About April Tomlin

April Tomlin is Global Head of Retail, CX Advisory for SAP Customer Experience. April is a proven business executive with over a decade of omnichannel and pure-play retail experience. In early 2018, April joined SAP in a new role that leverages her background and expertise to provide strategic and tactical-level business support to the Customer Experience ecosystem. Prior to this, April led digital teams in achieving incremental growth through innovative merchandising, customer experience and marketing initiatives.

Retail Experiences: Differentiate To Win

14-Jan-2019 | April Tomlin

As I’ve grown older, my shopping needs have evolved and become more stringent. Let’s face it – I’m needy. I’m needier than I’ve ever been! I expect for the store to have the product I want

Retail Experiences Series: Now Vs. Future Profitability

10-Jan-2019 | April Tomlin

My career has always been anchored in retail; no matter how desperately I try to escape, I always end up back in the fray. Retail, in my very biased opinion, is one of the most challenging industries