Anubhav Bhatia

About Anubhav Bhatia

Anubhav Bhatia is currently Vice President, Engineering, at SAP Labs, Palo Alto California, USA. He is leading efforts in area of Intelligent Asset Management especially in area of Predictive Maintenance and Services using AI. Anubhav has more than decade of experience in engineering, architecture, platform development and senior management roles. He has proven expertise in Innovations, Application development and business process orchestration in enterprise systems. Anubhav is also an Official member of Forbes Technical Council, IEEE Senior member, ASUG Member and speaker at many SAP and ASUG events.

A New Digital Era With Services And Content Packages

18-Jun-2019 | Anubhav Bhatia

In today’s era of digitization, companies are looking for innovative digital strategies to manage assets and provide value-added services to their business partner network. For manufacturers and

Engineeers discuss leading indicators of supply chain performance

Predicting Leading Indicators For Asset Failure

11-Jun-2019 | Anubhav Bhatia

Leading indicators are the sensors, measuring points, etc. whose time-series readings are most correlated with an asset’s failure. These leading indicators are usually instrumented on the target ass