Ansgar Ruhnau

Ansgar Ruhnau

About Ansgar Ruhnau

Ansgar Ruhnau is an HR business partner at SAP and has a track record in various HR functions. His vision is to build the best organizations for people to live and work together. Ansgar is an upright HR professional that is enthusiastic to discover new things and lead us to the next chapter of how work is performed. He joined SAP in 2010 in a talent program and started his career in Global People Sustainability. He later joined the HR team in Germany as an HR business partner responsible for more than 400 employees. Today, Ansgar is inheriting multiple roles with HR for EMEA and MEE regions at SAP, lately as HR Director for SAP Netherlands and SAP Spain.

Causing Disturbance? Then You’re On The Right Track!

24-Jul-2017 | Ansgar Ruhnau

“Disrupt [verb, lat. Disruptus]: interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing disturbance or a problem.” This is the dictionary definition. And this very well reflects what many peopl


How To Successfully Run Human Resources In Another Country

1-Mar-2017 | Ansgar Ruhnau

For the second time, I’m being sent abroad to manage human resources in a foreign country. This is exciting, but at the same time not an easy ride. Being away from your home turf as an HR profession