Anna Ponza

Anna Ponza

About Anna Ponza

Anna Ponza is a Business Transformation Principal, and having been with SAP for two years now, helps customers who want to thrive in the digital era and improve their own processes, business models, technology foundations. Value propositions, innovation roadmaps, management of complex projects and thought leadership are the most recurrent services that Anna delivers. Before joining SAP, she spent 17 years of her professional career with several large organizations, covering different innovation-oriented roles, spanning from Research and Development Engineer to IT Senior Manager.

Feeding Innovation: Food And Beverage Industry Steps Into The Future

19-Nov-2019 | Anna Ponza

Arguably, no other segment claims as large a social, geopolitical, or environmental impact as the food industry. Food is also tightly intertwined with people’s cultural identity. There are a plethor

Digital Twins: Enabling Next-Gen Manufacturing

14-Nov-2018 | Anna Ponza

As the manufacturing world confronts deep transformation and the need to capitalize on the Industry 4.0 bonanza, digitization of equipment, processes, and products are gaining more relevance