Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma

About Ankit Sharma

Ankit is an Innovation & Solution Manager in the Global Industrial Machinery & Component Industry with SAP. He is focused on driving technology led transformation topics in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, & Supply Chain with the Industrial Manufacturers. He is passionate about Machine Learning and is actively driving outcome based business models with companies using IoT and ML as focus technologies.

Bringing Machine Learning From Idea To Practice: A Framework

5-Oct-2018 | Ankit Sharma

When I first learned to swim as a child, I was forced to face my fears and plunge into the water, back first. Though it was scary, it proved to be a very effective way to learn—back strokes are now

Perception Vs. Reality: Machine Learning

3-Jan-2018 | Ankit Sharma

Perception: Machine learning is more hype than reality. Reality: In the Gartner Inc. hype cycle graph, machine learning (ML) currently features in the “peak of inflated expectations” phase. Thi