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Anja Reschke is the Senior Director of Strategic Ecosystem Marketing at SAP. She is responsible for the development of joint strategic marketing plans, programs, and activities, with global strategic services and technology partners.

smart manufacturing

Are Manufacturers Ready For The Digital Industrial Revolution?

14-Aug-2017 | Anja Reschke

The manufacturing industry is seeing a huge impact from what’s being called the digital industrial revolution. Innovative manufacturers understand that digital transformation is essential to sustain

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Revolutionizing How Enterprises Work On iPhone And iPad

11-May-2017 | Anja Reschke

When companies deploy innovative technologies, amazing things start to happen. Aesculap, Vestas, and MAPAL have discovered the power of enterprise innovation. Creating new business models Aesculap A

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Healthcare Providers Feel The Pressure To Change

8-Dec-2016 | Anja Reschke

Healthcare providers worldwide are feeling the pressure to change. Many are being urged to deliver accountable care – providing the best treatment in the most efficient way. As a result, healthcare

How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Change The Future Of Healthcare

31-Oct-2016 | Anja Reschke

Could remote sensors really change the status or outcome of a health condition? It’s possible. Many healthcare research projects are in the works to improve and increase remote patient monitoring

Why Finance Teams Are Excited About Digital Transformation

10-Oct-2016 | Anja Reschke

Technology is fundamentally changing the world of finance, and finance teams are excited about it. Those were the conclusions of a webinar that included experts and practitioners from SAP and Capgemin

The Generation Gap In High-Tech Healthcare

28-Sep-2016 | Anja Reschke

Are you starting to feel your age? Don’t worry; we all eventually feel some new aches and pains as we get older. Age matters when it comes to our health, and as we get older, healthcare usually beco

connected healthcare

What’s Driving Connected Healthcare?

29-Aug-2016 | Anja Reschke

Digital transformation of the healthcare industry has been going in fits and starts for about the last decade. Legacy systems, disparate data, privacy concerns, and industry regulations have stalled d

Worldwide Connected Healthcare: What’s The Difference?

2-Aug-2016 | Anja Reschke

Countries across the world are facing a healthcare crisis, but that crisis is a different type of challenge for each country. In the industrialized world, it’s the cost of healthcare that’s causin

No Digital For A Day. That’s How Some Businesses Still Work

27-Jul-2016 | Anja Reschke

Imagine going an entire week – or even a day – without using any digital devices. No smartphone, no tablet, no laptop, no access to apps that you have come to rely on daily. Could you do it? For m

Where Do You Fit In The Digital Economy?

13-Jul-2016 | Anja Reschke

“At SAP, we did not invent the digital economy, but we unquestionably understand where it’s going.” - Bill McDermott, SAP CEO Do you understand where your business is going in the digital ec