Angelina Padarnitsas

Angelina Padarnitsas

About Angelina Padarnitsas

Angelina Padarnitsas is a business manager at SAP, leading an agile content development team consisting of instructional designers, media specialists, software developers, and project managers. She is responsible for defining and executing an end-to-end enablement strategy for a subset of SAP Customer Experience solutions, such as SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP C4/HANA Foundation, as well as the extension factory and Kyma runtime for SAP Cloud Platform. Angelina is passionate about discovering innovative learning experiences to provide accessible education to everyone – from kids in their early school days to professionals in every stage of their career.

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Running An Agile Content Development Team Like A Restaurant

26-Mar-2020 | Angelina Padarnitsas

If you are part of a software development company, you have probably heard about agile methodology and how it is applied in and across product development teams. Running an agile content development t