Aneesha Shenoy

Aneesha Shenoy

About Aneesha Shenoy

Aneesha Shenoy is Chief Operating Officer of Global Customer Operations (GCO) Platform & Technologies (P&T) for Asia Pacific and Japan at SAP. Her portfolio covers data management, analytics, and SAP Cloud Platform, along with innovation technologies such as the IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Aneesha's vision is to enable better business outcomes for customers utilizing modern digital innovations powered by a connected digital platform. She and her team partner with customers to create a joint strategy and road map towards realizing this vision. Aneesha holds a master’s degree in computer science and over the years has completed executive management programs at Stanford University and the National University of Singapore.

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After A Decade Of Digital Disruption, What Can Leaders Expect In The 2020s?

19-Feb-2020 | Aneesha Shenoy

Early in this new decade, it’s no surprise that digital transformation in parallel with innovation and disruption remains a red-hot issue keeping CEOs around the globe awake at night. After a dec