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Andy David

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Andy David is the Director of Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Postal Industry for the Asia-Pacific and Japan region at SAP. He has more than 14 years of professional experience in IT applications to government, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Andy has been working with public sector organizations for over 12 years and plays a pivotal role in determining the strategy across the region, covering market analysis, business development, customer reference, and building up the SAP brand in the public sector.

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Transforming Higher Education And Research With The Internet Of Things

13-Mar-2018 | Andy David

The vast number of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected devices are changing the way businesses are run across sectors. Higher education and research is also being re-cal

Internet of Things, Healthcare Innovation, Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Patient Data Analytics, connected healthcare, patient data, patient management,

Transform Healthcare With Future-Facing Technologies

21-Nov-2017 | Andy David

Never before have there been so many promising breakthrough technologies available – and so many ways to capitalize on them. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to machine learning, cloud to blockchai

A (Big) Data-Driven Approach To Healthcare Innovation

2-Oct-2017 | Andy David

The healthcare industry has experienced much progress in data management and analysis. This includes more than a decade in the large-scale digitization of medical records, as well as the aggregation o

Unravel Complexity To Realise Massive Savings In Higher Education

26-Sep-2017 | Andy David

Complexity exists in education. And it costs. A typical university supports dozens of email systems, multiple LMS platforms, BYOD, and perhaps even cloud environments, as well as a staggering numbe

Patient Engagement: Key To High-Value Care

13-Jul-2017 | Andy David

Healthcare costs continue to rise globally, outpacing inflation in most major economies. In Asia, the difference is glaring: medical costs was anticipated to increase by 11.5% against an inflation rat

The Power Of An Insight-Driven Education Institution

11-Jul-2017 | Andy David

Student retention and success are among the top issues faced by universities and other higher education institutions today. Whether academics or administrators, all want students to succeed, and in

The Digital Future of Higher Education (Part II)

23-May-2017 | Andy David

This is the second of a two-part series on “The Digital Future of Higher Education.” Read the first part here. Universities of the future represent a community and an ecosystem that transcend

Personalized Medicine: Unleash The Power Of Health Data

10-May-2017 | Andy David

For healthcare organizations, digitization opens a world of new opportunities to generate and deliver value. The era of unparalleled digital connection is offering everyone – patient, healthcare pro

The Digital Future Of Higher Education: Part I

9-May-2017 | Andy David

For years, the world has envisioned higher education institutions that are student-centric, with students increasingly behaving as consumers, or even customers. In today’s digital era, this vision i

The Digital Future Of Healthcare

23-Mar-2017 | Andy David

The global population is projected to reach 10 billion people by 2050. Chronic diseases are rising: 73% of all deaths are expected to result from chronic diseases by 2020. Populations are aging: the