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Andre Smith is an Internet, marketing, and e-commerce specialist with several years of experience in the industry. He has watched as the world of online business has grown and adapted to new technologies, and he has made it his mission to help keep businesses informed and up to date.

How To Become A Celebrity Marketer

28-Apr-2016 | Andre Smith

Marketing is at the heart of any successful business venture. Without strong marketing, most businesses go nowhere fast. Whether you are a struggling real estate agent, a startup entrepreneur, or

How To Boost Sales With Technology

24-Feb-2016 | Andre Smith

The primary benefit of advanced technology is to improve how companies do business. But to sustain a healthy business, technology should also improve sales. If technology does not help increase your b

90% Of Businesses To Utilize The Private Cloud Network In The Next Decade

28-Dec-2015 | Andre Smith

Public clouds are financially efficient, easy to manage, pay-as-you-go cloud services available to all members of the public, either for free or for a small monthly cost. The public cloud has given in

Is Our Financial Future Paperless?

14-Dec-2015 | Andre Smith

Spawned by the recent news that Sweden has pushed its economy towards the cashless, digital frontier, this bold financial move has caused many to wonder if the financial markets will soon go paperless

When Everything Depends On Data Backup

16-Nov-2015 | Andre Smith

Monday morning, and you're back to the grind. As you walk into your downtown office, the long faces telegraph a sense that something is wrong. In fact, things are more than wrong — all your compa

Information: The New Global Currency

29-Oct-2015 | Andre Smith

An article from U.S. News & World Report published earlier this year listed the 25 best jobs of 2015 based on salary, work-life balance, and expected employment growth, and five of those jobs are