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Andre Smith is an Internet, marketing, and e-commerce specialist with several years of experience in the industry. He has watched as the world of online business has grown and adapted to new technologies, and he has made it his mission to help keep businesses informed and up to date.

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Blockchain Brings The Power Of Big Data And Analytics To SMEs

11-Dec-2018 | Andre Smith

Over the last few years, blockchain has been one of the hottest areas of technology development across a wide swath of industries. It's easy to see why. There seems to be no end to the myriad ways tha

Industry 4.0: When The Blockchain Meets The Supply Chain

28-Nov-2018 | Andre Smith

Imagine a future run by cold emotionless machines, where the lives of human beings are just an afterthought. Perhaps you'd prefer to picture a world where blockchain-based equipment and new manufactur

How AI May Revolutionize Digital Advertising

22-Nov-2018 | Andre Smith

Since the dawn of the Internet age, businesses that use online advertising as a primary sales driver have been fighting an increasingly pitched battle to win a slice of dwindling user attention spans

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Three Steps To A Secure Cloud Migration

15-Nov-2018 | Andre Smith

In the brave new world of Big Data, security should be top of mind for technology professionals all around the world. When it isn't, the results can be disastrous. In the realm of the small and midsiz

Banking Industry Turns To Blockchain To Compete With Fintechs

17-Oct-2018 | Andre Smith

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency markets have been a constant source of news, both positive and negative. On the whole, though, the industry seems to be coming of age much faster than anyone had

AI Powers Video Manipulation—And May Help Stop It

28-Sep-2018 | Andre Smith

The rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) over the last several years has opened up new and profitable lines of business, empowered the Big Data revolution, and enabled emergi

3D Printing

3D Printing Isn’t The Only Printing Tech To Pay Attention To

7-Sep-2018 | Andre Smith

Over the last few years, discussions of printing technology have focused squarely on the 3D rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing spaces. It's easy to understand why. The continuing development

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AI Might Be The Solution To Insurance’s Costliest Problem

24-Aug-2018 | Andre Smith

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been developing at breakneck speed over the past several years. They've been turning up in industries far and wide, helping to solve

Big Data May Be The Key To A Good Night’s Sleep

17-Aug-2018 | Andre Smith

Machine learning and Big Data have worked their way into almost every corner of the technology world and industries well beyond it. Media coverage has explored the myriad ways that the latest innovati

How Blockchain Is Poised To Change Lending Forever

3-Aug-2018 | Andre Smith

Ever since bitcoin entered into the public consciousness over the last few years, experts and observers have struggled to make sense of what the cryptocurrency would ultimately mean to the global fina