Andreas Krause

Andreas Krause

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Andreas Krause is head of EMEA Centre of Excellence for BI at SAP, which includes SAP for Cloud Analytics.

Four Words Of Advice For 2017

17-Jan-2017 | Andreas Krause

Are you tired of reading 2017 analyst and vendor BI predictions yet? I know I am. There should be a name for IT prediction fatigue at this time of year. BI seems to be having its very own recur

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Transitioning BI To The Cloud – It’s Not Supposed To Be A Race

8-Nov-2016 | Andreas Krause

Just like people, businesses move at their own pace, usually prompted by opportunity, competition, or market conditions or accelerated by technology. It’s the same with cloud adoption. The media is


A Cure For The BI Hangover

19-Sep-2016 | Andreas Krause

Business intelligence has a hangover – a technology hangover triggered by broken processes and proliferating data volumes. It’s ongoing and it’s painful for everyone. For years, business user

Business Intelligence: The Difference Between Clever And Wise

6-May-2016 | Andreas Krause

It’s been said that “a clever person solves a problem, but a wise person avoids it.” Which one are you? Many of us are clever. Few are truly wise – particularly when it comes to business intel