Andreas Kral

Andreas Kral

About Andreas Kral

Andreas Kral is the Solution Manager for Analytics, BI and Predictive, for SAP Australia and New Zealand. With a background in Mathematics, he joined Business Objects in Europe in 2005 as Presales, looking after mainly Financial Services customers in Switzerland. Since 2008, Andreas has been living in Melbourne and working for SAP Australia, helping customers across the country understand and realise the value of BI and Predictive solutions. Having completed his MBA at the University of Melbourne, Andreas has joined the Centre of Excellence team at SAP Australia in 2016, looking after the BI and Predictive solution portfolio. Andreas has a passion for analysing numbers and big data, turning hidden patterns and trends into meaningful pictures that serve Science and Businesses run better and achieve better outcomes.

How To Solve Australia’s Analytics Paradox

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Australia’s conception of digital transformation might just be what is stopping business from fulfilling its potential within the current market. In practice and in outcome, digital transformation

Why A Digital Business Needs A Digital Boardroom

9-Nov-2017 | Andreas Kral

Did you know two-thirds of Australian enterprises are ranked as “low maturity” when it comes to Big Data analytics? Given the length at which we’ve discussed big data in recent years, this may

Machine Learning: The Difference Between Leaders And Followers

27-Mar-2017 | Andreas Kral

With the evolution of technology comes a whole new range of possibilities. Telephones no longer merely enable phone calls; they serve as your wallet, encyclopedia, map, social media source, Interne