Andreas Hauser

Andreas Hauser

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Andreas is global head of the design and co-innovation center at SAP. His team drives customer & strategic design projects through Co-Innovation and Design Thinking. Before he was Vice President of User Experience at SAP SE for OnDemand Solutions.

Design, UX, UI: What Is The Difference?

19-Sep-2016 | Andreas Hauser

In my work with design, user experience, and user interfaces, I often run into confusion about these three terms, both within and outside of SAP. The tendency is to think they all mean the same thing.

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How To Convince IT And The Business To Value Design

13-Sep-2016 | Andreas Hauser

One of the biggest outcomes of the technology consumerization trend is how it has driven the importance of design. There’s no waiting out this trend – an unstoppable wave of interest in design-ce

Digital Transformation Needs More Than Technology (Part 2)

26-May-2016 | Andreas Hauser

In my last blog, I explained why design, design thinking, and experience matter in digital transformation, which goes beyond pure technology and business skills. The credo is to engage with your custo

Digital Transformation Needs More Than Technology

24-May-2016 | Andreas Hauser

Digital transformation is a hyped-up topic these days. But it is much more than a buzzword. Technology trends like hyper-connectivity, Big Data, cloud, Internet of Things, and security provide new op