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Anders Liu-Lindberg

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Anders Liu-Lindberg is the head of the Global Finance Program Management Office at Maersk and has more than 10 years of experience working with finance at Maersk, both in Denmark and abroad. Anders is also the co-founder of the Business Partnering Institute and owner of the largest group dedicated to finance business partnering on LinkedIn, with close to 5,000 members. His main goal at Maersk is to create a world-class finance function not least when it comes to business partnering. He is the co-author of the book “Skab Værdi Som Finansiel Forretningspartner” and a long-time finance blogger with 20,000+ followers.

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Your Digital Finance Transformation Journey

30-Jul-2018 | Anders Liu-Lindberg

Part 5 in the Finance Automation series You’ve created your roadmap, you’ve decided on your working methods, and you know that going digital is not just about choosing what technology to us

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Going Digital Is About More Than Technology

23-Jul-2018 | Anders Liu-Lindberg

Part 4 in the Finance Automation series Digital is the talk of the town no matter where in the business you go, and it’s no different for financial management. What you tend to forget, though, i

To Go Digital, Finance Must Work Differently

16-Jul-2018 | Anders Liu-Lindberg

Part 3 in the Finance Automation series Companies are going digital through large-scale transformation programs, and it’s no different for the finance function. In the second blog in this series,

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A CFO’s Digital Transformation Road Map

9-Jul-2018 | Anders Liu-Lindberg

Part 2 in the Finance Automation series Many companies are on digital transformation journeys because the future is certainly not analog nor based on paper. The finance function can’t escape a di

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Are You Ready For Robotic Process Automation?

2-Jul-2018 | Anders Liu-Lindberg

Part 1 in the Finance Automation series Robotics and RPA (robotic process automation) are hot topics in transaction processing these days. While they are not new topics, some things need to be clar