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Anand Sundar

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Anand Sundar is an Executive Advisor of the SAP Chief Customer Office at SAP. He is passionate about using digital technology and business process excellence to extract value for customers. Anand previously worked for several years in various industries in supply chain operations and as a consultant and trusted advisor. He is a certified SCOR professional (SCOR-P) and part of the advisory board that developed the SCOR operations reference model and framework for standardization of supply chain processes.

Three Steps To Sustain Supply Chain Operation In Crisis

14-Apr-2020 | Anand Sundar

Factors like globalization, population demographics (younger population in Asia) shifting demand, and regulatory and tax optimization have transformed supply chains across industries in the last two d

How To Minimize The Impact Of Raw Material Prices On Your Margin (Part 2)

20-Sep-2018 | Anand Sundar

This is the second part of a two-part blog on the levers used by leading chemical companies to manage the risk and impact of raw material price. Part 1 discussed advanced supplier management, and par

How To Minimize The Impact Of Raw Material Prices On Your Margin (Part 1)

13-Sep-2018 | Anand Sundar

Obtaining the right grade of raw material at the right price and at the right time while complying with all safety and regulatory requirements is fundamental to the profitability of chemical companies