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Amy Moore is the Content Marketing Director for SAP Procurement and Ariba solutions. Her specialties include messaging strategy, content strategy, and content development.

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Why The Future Of Procurement Is Powered By People [INFOGRAPHIC]

8-Feb-2016 | Amy Moore

Winning the talent war. Plugging the skills gap. The touchy topic of talent, in the world of sourcing and procurement, is often described in terms that would make anyone’s heart race. So it’s refr

Friend or Frenemy: How Technology Is Transforming Procurement [INFOGRAPHIC]

17-Nov-2015 | Amy Moore

At your organization, is procurement seen as the department of PO-cutters or innovators? Is it the department that impedes business progress…or that drives it? Getting from the former to the latt

Procurement Says Goodbye To Business As Usual [INFOGRAPHIC]

3-Nov-2015 | Amy Moore

Do you remember the game “Operation”? You use metal tweezers to extract small plastic butterflies, spare ribs, and other body-part puns out of a cartoon man’s body. If the tweezers touch the met

Procurement Gets Collaborative [INFOGRAPHIC]

13-Oct-2015 | Amy Moore

For procurement professionals, coordination with your suppliers is a must. Communication and cooperation with your internal stakeholders are great. But what separates these activities from true colla

future of procurement

The Future Of Procurement: What Is Your Role? [INFOGRAPHIC]

17-Sep-2015 | Amy Moore

In 10 years, your day-to-day job in procurement might be radically different. Compelled—and enabled--by the digital transformation of business, you might be spending much less time on administrative