Almut-Christiane Riemer

Almut-Christiane Riemer

About Almut-Christiane Riemer

Almut-Christiane Riemer is Controlling Associate at SAP (Schweiz) AG. She started her career at SAP in 2017 as the PMO of the largest S/4HANA Conversion Project in Switzerland at that time. In cooperation with SAP she wrote her Master Thesis in the field of Financial Decision-Making and Business Intelligence. Almut holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen and a master’s degree in International Financial Management from the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne Switzerland.

New Era Of Executive Meetings? How Intelligent Technologies Change Your Decision-Making Patterns

19-Dec-2018 | Almut-Christiane Riemer

Intelligent technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics have become more prevalent and are finding their way into leaders' and board members' daily activities. Behind the reportin