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Alison Biggan is the chief product marketing officer at SAP. In this role, Alison leads the team responsible for product and solution marketing across all topics and technologies. This includes product launches and campaigns; product communications, core product messaging, and competitive differentiation; as well as go-to-market strategy. Alison and her team enable people and organizations on their path to becoming intelligent enterprises with modern technology delivered through simple and powerful tools that help them drive more and greater innovation. Alison joined SAP in 2007 through its acquisition of Business Objects, and has held global leadership roles in the platform business since 2010, including playing an instrumental role in the introduction and growth of SAP HANA. She began her career in sports marketing and sponsorship sales with the Vancouver Canuck Foundation and PGA Tour. Moving to the high-tech industry, Alison joined Crystal Decisions in 2001. The company was later acquired by Business Objects in 2003. She has held a variety of senior marketing, solution management, and go-to-market roles with SAP, Business Objects, Sophos, and Crystal Decisions. Alison attended the University of British Columbia and continues to live in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two children.

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