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Alfredo Mancini is Business Transformation Services (BTS) chief at SAP. He works closely with CIOs and business executives to assess and reshape their organizations and to assist them in their digital transformation journeys. He joined SAP BTS in 2010, acted as CIO for three years in a financial startup, and spent more than 12 years in IT management consulting. He began his career at Olivetti in 1990, where he concentrated on researching and practicing artificial intelligence. Always curious and continuously refreshing his IT and business transformation knowledge, he crafts accelerated approaches aimed at the quick delivery of tangible outcomes. His natural playground is IT strategy and IT governance.

Next-Generation Competence Center (Part III): Aligning Business And IT

1-Aug-2019 | Alfredo Mancini

In my previous article in this series, I examined the question: "Where is the business going, and consequently, what should the role of IT be?” In this article, I will share an approach to align

Next-Generation Competence Center (Part II)

20-Dec-2018 | Alfredo Mancini

The role of IT: Where business goes, IT follows In this article, we'll start by determining which moment your company is living—i.e., where is the business going, and consequently, what should the

Next-Generation Competence Center (Part I)

13-Dec-2018 | Alfredo Mancini

A Competence Center (CC) is the portion of a company that organizes and leverages business and IT knowledge for a specific purpose. People with the right competence, using documented processes and sup