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Alfred Becker

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Alfred Becker is the global lead for Paper & Packaging Industry and Manufacturing within Mill Products Industries at SAP.

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The Promise Of The IoT: Go Green With Greater Efficiency

23-Jan-2018 | Alfred Becker

The Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered significant media attention – and for good reason. The potential of connected devices using real-time analysis to improve processes and procedures seems ne

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Why The IoT Means You’ll Never Run Out Of Paper

14-Dec-2017 | Alfred Becker

In business, efficiency is critical. Any improvement to a standing process – even if relatively small – can have a profound impact when scaled up. Consider, for example, software that allows a tr

How To Create Innovative Paper And Packaging With Superior Margins

27-Nov-2017 | Alfred Becker

Every company wants to improve margins on the products it sells. At the same time, it’s important to satisfy customers and keep a high reputation by selling quality products. This is just as true in

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Bringing Superior Value To Metals And Paper With The IoT

13-Nov-2017 | Alfred Becker

In a few short years, the Internet of Things has transformed the way that organizations do business with both their own customers and each other. According to one projection, there will be approximat

Packaging Companies Move To Small Lot Sizes, Individualization

5-May-2016 | Alfred Becker

Packaging goods are as old as the retail sales industry they serve. Over the years, they have come in countless sizes and shapes. Savvy marketing professionals soon discovered the power of packaging

Going Digital Transforms Paper And Packaging Workforce

3-May-2016 | Alfred Becker

The digital economy is bringing change to industry faster than we can incorporate it. Roles that used to belong to be the responsibility of blue collar workers now fall into the IT realm. Low-tech p

Disintermediation Is Shaking Up Paper And Packaging

26-Apr-2016 | Alfred Becker

With the explosion of a digital economy, it's tempting to dismiss analogue materials as archaic. We reimagine our world as moving more and more online. That leaves traditional modes of communication

Paper Industry Embraces Digital Shift

19-Apr-2016 | Alfred Becker

In an increasingly digital world, paper and packaging companies are finding new ways to innovate. Those that embrace the digital shift are discovering new ways to compete and thrive. Doing so r