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Alex Atzberger

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Alex Atzberger is the President of Ariba. Prior to his current role, he was the Chief of Staff, Office of CEO, driving SAP's Board governance, alignment of Corporate functions to CEO priorities and CEO operations during SAP's transition to a sole CEO model under Bill McDermott.

supplier collaboration

Supplier Collaboration And The Art Of The Network: It’s Time For A Digital Revolution

12-May-2016 | Alex Atzberger

The beauty of digital transformation is that it allows us to reimagine the way business should be done. Take your interactions with your suppliers, for example. Many large enterprises have thousand

A New Opportunity For Cloud Companies To Do Good

13-Oct-2015 | Alex Atzberger

I am excited. For years, I have tried to figure out how a cloud company could embed a social mission or cause into the core of its function. I finally found an answer. Let me explain. There are, of